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Free TENA Wet Wipe with purchase of $80 worth of TENA! (*Remember to add the TENA wipe to cart)
Free TENA Wet Wipe with purchase of $80 worth of TENA ! (*Remember to add the TENA wipe to cart)

Calcium Plus-RX


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Ocean Health Calcium Plus-RX is a complete formula for stronger bones and teeth. It helps with those experiencing bone mineral loss as it supplies sufficient calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals to slow or reduce bone mineral loss in the body.

Features & Benefits

  • Vitamin D3 facilitates the absorption of calcium
  • Manganese, zinc, copper and molybdenum reduce free radicals in the body, slowing bone mineral loss
  • 60 or 300 caplets
Dosage Adults: 2-3 caplets daily after meals or as prescribed by your doctor.
Active Ingredients Per Caplet
  • Calcium (Calcium Carbonate) 333mg
  • Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide) 133mg
  • Manganese (Manganese Sulphate) 1mg
  • Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 5mg
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 125IU
  • Copper (Copper Sulphate) 0.5mg
  • Molybdenum (Amino Acid Chelate) 50mcg
Vegetarian formula
Free of: gelatin, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, contaminant residues, wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, added sugar, artificial flavors, colorings, animal derivatives and preservatives.