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When every step hurts, quality of life is seriously compromised.

  • ACTIV+LIFE® CH-Alpha® ACTIV is the perfect, natural and effective way to protect and regenerate joint cartilage – for an active lifestyle at every age. It gives people back quality of life.
  • ACTIV+LIFE®  CH- Alpha®ACTIV is a liquid containing Bioactive Collagen peptides and a patented compound called Fortigel®. Working in a manner similar to collagen in the body, Fortigel® will regenerate damaged and worn cartilage in order to build stronger and more flexible joints.
  • To regenerate cartilage, our bodies need collagen raw materials that are small and can be absorbed. This problem was solved and the manufacturing process was patented by Gelita Health GmbH, a German company. Gelita took collagen and broke it down from about 300 Kilo Daltons to about 3.3 Kilo Daltons molecular weight.
  • These Bioactive Collagen peptides can then be easily absorbed vs the much larger Glucosamine, Chondrointin and MSM molecules. Once absorbed, they get right to work by stimulating the Chondrocytes and the extra cellular cartilage matrix. The results speak for itself.
  • While Fortigel is the key active ingredient, ACTIV+LIFE®  CH-Alpha® ACTIV also includes Vitamin C and Rosehip. Rosehip provides an anti-inflammatory potential with a noticeable pain reduction. ACTIV+LIFE®  CH-Alpha® ACTIV is clinically proven.
  • ACTIV+LIFE®  CH-Alpha ACTIV is a natural product. No side effects or interactions with other medications are known.
  • ACTIV+LIFE®  CH-Alpha® ACTIV is suitable for diabetics.
  • ACTIV+LIFE®  CH-Alpha® ACTIV comes in a convenient one-month supply of 30 vials in a box.

ACTIV+LIFE®  CH-Alpha® ACTIV is made in Germany.