Pledge a Bag of Diapers in Support for Singapore RedCross Beneficiaries

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In partnership with Vinda Singapore Pte Ltd.

Dear Friends,

As part of TENA's National Day Campaign, to support the residents of Singapore Red Cross' Home for the Disabled, Day Activity Centre and Elderly under our care.

TENA is pledging a 1-1 match for each purchase of 1 bag of diapers that we make with the funds raised from this campaign. On top of the generous matching, TENA will also be donating $10,000 worth of diapers which will go a long way in helping our residents and seniors. The Red Cross Home for the Disabled spends some $75,000 every year on purchasing diapers. We are thankful to TENA for running this campaign to help us lower our cost during COVID-19.

We wish to invite you to help us by pledging a donation of $10 that will enable us to purchase TENA Diapers for 100 physically and intellectually disabled residents at the home who need 24/7 care and are highly dependent on these diapers for their day to day needs and comfort.

For a donation as little as $10 for 1 bag of diapers, you'll be able to provide twice the help for those in need. Your donation will also be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government's Community Silver Trust.

Donating is really simple and secure. The money will directly go to Singapore Red Cross.

Help us help more! And spread good cheer this National Day!

Thank you from all of us at Singapore Red Cross

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