PinkPharm Donation of bodySPONGE to Alzheimer's Disease Association

PinkPharm is giving away 1000 of our bodySPONGES to the Alzheimer's Disease Association, Singapore, which will go towards 1000 elderly from their 7 daycare centers who are suffering from dementia.

Dementia is a chronic disease of the 21st century which will become more prevalent with our ageing population. At the advanced stages of the illness, 24 hour care is required for the patient which can cause tremendous stress for the caregivers.

Through the bodySPONGE - a sponge that enables thorough cleaning of the body without the use of water - PinkPharm hope to ease the burden the these caregivers by making the cleaning of the dementia elderly so much more convenient, without compromising on hygiene standards. 

This small effort is our way of expressing our appreciation to the wonderful caregivers who give their time and energy tireless to care for others amongst our society!