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Leukomed Sterile


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Leukomed is a sterile adhesive absorbent dressing ideal for post-operative care. For short-term use on minor or medium-sized wounds. It is absorbent yet also air permeable, reducing the risk of skin maceration.

  • Flexible
  • Reliable adhesion
  • Radiotransparent

Following surgical intervention
After injuries, e.g. cuts and graz

Protects the wound.
Leukomed® is sterilized, individually sealed, and reliably covers the wound.

Reduces the risk of maceration.
Leukomed® is air- and water-permeable, making it particularly skin-friendly.

Ensures that the wound is undisturbed.
A non-adherent layer of the wound pad prevents from sticking to the wound.

Extra safe for secreting wounds.
The highly absorbent wound pad ensures reliable absorption of secretions.

All-round suitability for wound dressing.
Leukomed® is radio transparent.
Easy to use, allowing quick dressing changes.

    Please select the size you require below.

    6 sizes available:

    • 5cm x 7.2cm
    • 8cm x 10cm
    • 10cm x 25cm
    • 8cm x 15cm
    • 10cm x 20cm
    • 10cm x 30cm