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Leukomed® T Plus Skin Sensitive


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Leukomed T plus skin sensitive is a sterile, waterproof wound dressing for acute wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate (wound fluid), ideal for post-op care. For use on fragile, sensitive, or compromised skin.

  • Absorbent
  • Minimal damage or pain on removal
  • Breathable

Product benefits

Droplet-shaped outline, its lower half darkened to represent fluid management.


The wound pad has good absorption capacity and can manage low to moderate exudate levels.
Adhesive product being easily removed with minimal risk of further damage or pain.

Minimal damage or pain on removal

Designed for reduced pain and minimal skin damage on removal, especially compared to acrylic-based adhesives.
Air passing through the product, allowing the skin to breathe.


Allows the skin to breathe, helping to prevent maceration.
A feather softly touching a hand to demonstrate that this product is gentle on highly sensitive skin.

Gentle on sensitive or compromised skin

Suitable for elderly patients with fragile skin, patients whose skin is compromised as a result of disease, medication or long-term treatment, and infants.
Water droplets bouncing off a surface, indicating that the product is water-repellent.


Being waterproof, this wound dressing can be worn while showering.
Calendar showing the figure seven for the number of days this product can be used.

Lasts for up to 7 days

Can be worn for up to 7 days.

How to use

How to use Leukomed t plus skin sensitive
1. Hold the wound dressing at the red handling tape.Then remove the top layer of the first release liner (labelled no. 1).

Hold the red handling tape with the adhesive facing towards the wound or device and apply half of the transparent dressing accurately over the desired location. Now remove the second layer of release liner (also labelled no. 1).

Carefully press the transparent film onto the skin, especially around the edges. Full skin contact ensures that the dressing is waterproof and a bacterial barrier.

2. Now remove the top application film by lifting the edge of the red handling tape (labelled no. 2) and carefully peeling off this top layer.

Remove: to remove the dressing, pull off the film evenly using one of the edges.