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At Danone, we strongly believe that the health of people and the planet are interconnected, and our aim is to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking choices for everyone, including those with specific nutritional needs.

Through Nutricia's specialized nutrition brands and a broad range of support programs and services, we work to fulfill people’s specific nutritional needs throughout life in a way that positively impacts the health of local communities and helps to preserve the planet for future generations.


Nutrition in times of illness

In adulthood, adapted nutrition can support recovery from illnesses and address malnutrition that can develop due to the disease. People who have suffered a stroke or who are fighting illnesses such as cancer can have difficulty meeting their nutritional needs through normal food alone. This means they need specific nutrition, in specialized formats. In these scenarios, medical nutrition can support better clinical outcomes and provide food and drink adjusted to the specific nutritional needs of patients.