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Spend $80 to enjoy FREE delivery to your doorstep
Spend $80 to enjoy FREE delivery to your doorstep

TENA Collection on PinkPharm

TENA is a Swedish brand that specialises in products for adults with incontinence.

PinkPharm is a preferred distributor for the Singapore market where we have a close relationship with the brand.

Did you know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men experience some form of bladder weakness during their lives? It’s hard to think of another health condition that is quite so prevalent, yet so misunderstood. With a wide range of products from TENA Value, Pants Plus, Maxi Pants, Wet Wipes, Lady Discreet Plus Pants and Men PU, be sure that your your incontinence needs are met.

At TENA we’re committed to developing products and services that minimise the impact of incontinence on people’s everyday lives. In doing so, we recognise the many emotive issues around the condition. That’s why we want to share what we’ve learnt and help dispel the many myths and taboos that persist, even today.