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Astalift Fujifilm Men Moist Clear Wash 100g


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MEN Moist Clear Wash is a luxurious moisturising daily face wash gel from Japanese company ASTALIFT Fujifilm. These high quality cosmetics for men use Fujifilm nanotechnology. They make men's skin rejuvenate, firm and radiant. High quality facial cleanser gently envelops sensitive, male skin, effectively removes all impurities, dead skin cells and sebum. At the same time, it cares for the condition of the skin, providing it with the right level of hydration. It nourishes the skin and strengthens its elasticity and firmness. After using the gel, the skin is well moisturised, refreshed, pleasantly soft and looks very healthy. The unique formula contains among others: collagen, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, cedar extract, tocopherol, shea butter, jojoba seed oil. Capacity 

How to use: moisten hands and face with water, apply a small amount of the product on the face and massage with circular movements, then rinse the foam with water.