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Free TENA Wet Wipe with purchase of $80 worth of TENA! (*Remember to add the TENA wipe to cart)
Free TENA Wet Wipe with purchase of $80 worth of TENA ! (*Remember to add the TENA wipe to cart)

Carborie 350g

by Valens
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We offer an easily digestible source of carbohydrate calories for use when additional calories are required. Carborie may be served temporarily as the sole energy source, however it is not intended to be used as a sole source of nutrition because it contains no protein, fat, or vitamins and very low levels of minerals.

  • High degree of glucose polymerization
  • Lower osmolality – minimizing potential osmotic diarrhea
  • Mixes readily with most formula, food & beverages
  • Low mineral & electrolyte
  • Lactose & gluten free
  • Fat & Protein-free clear fluid


Supplying carbohydrate calories for :

  • For infants or adults requiring additional calories from carbohydrate for protein-, fat-, or mineral & electrolyte-restricted diets
  • When medical or surgical status prevents adequate intake of calories from a normal diet
  • May be used as a carbohydrate supplement to enteral nutrition formula