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Cica-Care Gel Sheet 12cm x 3 cm


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Effective Treatment For Scars .

Flattens , softens and fades red , dark and raised scars .


To treat and raised scars :

Cica-Care is an effective treatment for red and raised , old and new scars . It is designed to softens , flattens and fades , red and raised scars .

To prevent new scars :

Cica-Care can be used as soon as the wound has healed to prevent the formation of red and raised scars .


Easy To Use :

Cica-Care adhesive gel sheet is soft , comfortable and simple to apply . It can be cut to size to fit most scars . Durable , reusable and flexible , it is ideal for either day or night use . Although self-adhesive , Cica-Care may also be held in place by a light elastic conforming bandage or tape such as Opsite Flexifix .


Easy to Clean :

The gel sheet must be cleaned twice daily with a mild soap .

- Use of Cica-Care is not recommended on young children unless used in combination with an appropriate secondary retention dressing . 

- Do not use on open wounds . 

- Do not use on skin affected by dermatological conditions leg . Psoriasis & Acne .

- Do not use unless skin surrounding scar is normal and wound is fully healed .

- Do not use with ointments or creams under gel sheet .