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iWhite Instant2 Whitening kit


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Triple teeth whitening technology

The whitening gel of iWhite Instant2 combines the knowledge of iWhite Instant (Film-crystallized Calcium technology) with additional benefits due to the innovative triple teeth whitening technology.

The first element of the triple whitening technology is Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP). PAP is a patented ingredient which targets the unnatural double bounds which cause dental discolorations. The ingredient dissolves the stains present on the enamel in a gentle and effective way. By doing this, the tooth surface is whitened and stains are removed.

The second functional aspect of the technology is the Calciofluorocomplex. Fluoride particles will be adsorbed onto the surface of a tooth and speed up the growth of new surface. The complex will also release additional calcium ions, this will increase the calcium levels in the saliva and inhibit the loss of apatite in the enamel. The Calciofluorocomplex will hereby remineralize damaged enamel and strengthen the teeth structure. This will lead to a natural whitening effect.

The last element of iWhite Instant2 is the innovative MOHA-complex. This special complex is composed of small, snowwhite hydroxyapatite microcrystals which are released on the enamel. Hydroxyapatite is the key natural building block of teeth and by releasing these hydroxyl-apatite crystals this ingredient will restore and rebuild the enamel. Thanks to this MOHA complex the teeth regain their natural white color. The whitening trays are manufactured with soft transparent material to improve the flexibility of the mouthpieces. Thanks to this, the pressure gradient, which is one of the most important catalyzing parameters of the whitening reaction, is optimized and pushes the active gel towards the teeth surface for maximum whitening results. The trays are designed to whiten both the front and the back of the teeth. This is important because teeth are translucent and stains on the back can show through the front.

  • Up to 8 shades whiter teeth*
  • Strengthens your teeth and restores the enamel
  • Clinically proven safe & effective