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iWhite Sensitive Toothpaste 75ml


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Damaged enamel as reason for sensitive teeth

Have you ever a experienced a flash of pain or a sudden discomfort after a bite of ice cream or a hot drink? You're definitely not alone. Tooth sensitivity is a pain or discomfort in the teeth as a response to a certain stimuli such as hot or cold temperatures. By changing your oral hygiene routine, this sensitivity can easily be treated.

Some of us have more sensitive teeth than others due to a thinner enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth which has a protective function. When the enamel is damaged, you'll experience sensitive teeth.

Intentionally blocking painful signals

By using this toothpaste, the desensitising active ingredients penetrate the enamel reaching the nerves inside and then they block the signals from the nerves that trigger dental discomfort. Additionally, this toothpaste also remineralises your enamel and prevents cavities.

You'll have a white and healthy smile without flashes of pain.

The Active Micropearl Technology as ultimate whitening innovation

The Active Micropearl Technology encapsulates a teeth desensitising active: potassium nitrate. These active ingredients are being released whenever you brush your teeth. The active ingredients stay in the capsules until you decide to use the toothpaste and that's when the active ingredients get activated. The desensitising actives penetrate the enamel, reaching the nerves inside. They block the signals from the nerves that trigger dental discomfort.

Combining the iWhite P.A.P. Technology with the Active Micropearl Technology, this toothpaste not only eliminates tooth sensitivity but also strengthens and protects your teeth (Sodium Fluoride). The unique combination of these 2 technologies leads to less sensitive and clearly whiter teeth. Bring on that brilliant white smile!

Routine gives the best outcome

In order to achieve the best whitening results, it's important to maintain a routine. You can combine our toothpaste with our whitening kit (monthly) and with our mouthwash & interdental whitening (daily).