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Get a FREE tin of Fresubin POWDER (worth $24.50) when you purchase minimum one carton of Fresubin standard liquid feed.
Get a FREE tin of Fresubin POWDER (worth $24.50) when you purchase minimum one carton of Fresubin standard liquid feed.

iWhite Supreme Toothpaste 75ml


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Daily teeth whitening with a protective function

The iWhite Supreme Toothpaste is perfect to whiten your teeth on a daily basis and to protect your teeth against external influences. The active ingredients create a protective barrier over your teeth surface in order to prevent staining of your teeth.

By using fluoride-ions, iWhite's Supreme Toothpaste remineralizes your enamel and prevents cavities.

After using this toothpaste, your teeth will get whiter and the amount of plaque will decrease over time.

When two becomes one: a combination of unique technologies

iWhite is known for its unique iWhite Technology featuring P.A.P., which is a strong stain-removing molecule that breaks down discolorations on the teeth in little pieces without affecting the teeth structure. That's why your tooth enamel and gums are perfectly safe because the iWhite technology exclusively works on the teeth stains itself, leading to clearly whiter teeth and giving you that brilliant white smile.

With a continuous innovating mindset, iWhite developed a new technology which supports the iWhite Technology and makes it possible to achieve even better results.

Get to know iWhite's newest Active Micropearls Technology

By using the Active Micropearls Technology, it's possible to have a targeted release of the active ingredients. So when you're burshing your teeth, only then the concentrated actives are released directly to the enamel. In the iWhite Supreme Whitening Toothpaste, the Active Micropearls Technology encapsulates stain neutralising actives: pyrophosphates. These actives form a protective barrier over your teeth surface and help prevent staining of your teeth.


"As other products may lose their effectivity because the evaporation of ingredients, iWhite's Supreme Toothpaste continuously keeps the strong, active ingredients thanks to the micropearls."

Routine gives the best outcome

In order to achieve the best whitening results, it's important to maintain a routine. You can combine our toothpaste with our whitening kit (monthly) and with our mouthwash & interdental whitening (daily).