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Lactus Syrup 66% (200ml and 1L)


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For Gentle Constipation Relief.

  • Widely used in Hospitals and Clinics
  • Safe for use in the management of chronic constipation
  • Suitable for all ages, including children and the elderly
  • Pleasant tasting and easy to consume


ICM Pharma LACTUS is a gentle over-the-counter laxative that is pleasant tasting, easy to consume and suitable for all ages. It is widely used in hospitals and clinics.

LACTUS contains “lactulose” an osmotic laxative used in the treatment of constipation. LACTUS works by  helping to draw water into the bowels from the surrounding tissue, thus softening the stool mass and encouraging bowel movement.

Active Ingredient

Lactulose Solution BP/USP 66% w/v


  1. Treatment of constipation: it encourages bowel movement by drawing water into the bowel from surrounding body tissues. This provides soft stool mass and increased bowel action.
  2. Helps in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy. It reduces the amount of ammonia in the blood.

Constipation: Treatment Dosage

  • Adult : three teaspoonfuls (15mL)
  • Child 1 to 5 years : one teaspoonful (5mL)
  • Child 5 to 10 years : two teaspoonfuls (10mL)
  • Infant under 1 year : half teaspoonfuls (2.5mL)

To be taken twice daily, gradually reduced according to requirement.

Maintenance dose for Chronic Constipation

  • Adult : two to three teaspoonfuls (10-15mL) 
  • Child 1 to 10 years : one to two teaspoonfuls (5-10mL) 
  • Infant under 1 year : one teaspoonful (5mL) 

To be taken once daily.


  • Adult : take 30-50mL, three times daily.

Initial doses of 30-45mL may be given every hour, subsequently adjusted to produce two to three soft stools daily.