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Lice Care Lotion 0.5%


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Gentle Treatment and Eradication of Lice Infestation.

  • Eradicates lice and mites and kill their eggs
  • Effective yet gentle treatment for sensitive skin or scalp
  • Suitable for asthmatics

Head lice infestations are irritating and embarrassing. Use LICECARE Lotion for effective treatment of head lice, pubic lice and scabies mites. A simple application of lice care can effectively eradicate infestation and kill their eggs as well.

ICM Pharma LICECARE Lotion is specially formulated to give effective yet gentle treatment particularly if the skin or scalp is sensitive. Also, suitable for asthmatics.

Active Ingredient
Malathion 0.5% w/v in an aqueous base.

Treatment of infestation due to head lice, body lice, pubic (crab) lice and scabies mites.

Shake well before use.

Head Lice

  1. Do not shampoo hair before using LICECARE Lotion unless the hair has been submerged in a chlorinated pool during the preceding 72 hours, in which case, hair should be washed and thoroughly dried before treatment.
  2. With the head in an upright position, rub the liquid gently into the scalp, taking care to avoid the eyes. Keep applying the liquid until all the hair and scalp is thoroughly moistened. The beard and moustaches should be treated as well. Apply carefully to the areas around the eyes and the back of the neck. If applying to a child’s hair, it helps if a towel is held over the forehead to protect the eyes.
  3. Allow hair to dry naturally in a warm but well ventilated room. Do NOT use a hair dryer or other artificial heat at this stage as this may reduce its effectiveness.
  4. After a minimum of 12 hours or if a residual effect desired, on the next day, shampoo the hair in the normal way.
  5. Rinse the hair thoroughly and comb with a fine-tooth comb while wet to remove dead lice and eggs (nits). A hair dryer may now be used.
  6. If a reinfestation occurs, apply not earlier than 7 days after the first treatment.

Crab Lice (Pubic Lice)

  1. Wet the whole body and apply LICECARE Lotion to the total skin surface. Pay particular attention to all hair areas including beards and moustaches. Avoid any other areas above the neck.
  2. Leave for as long as possible, ideally overnight.
  3. Wash off in the bath or shower.

Scabies Mite

  1. After a warm bath, apply LICECARE Lotion to the entire skin surface. Rub in well and allow to dry naturally. It is not normal necessary to apply above the neck but children under the age of 2 years should have a thin film of LICECARE Lotion applied to the scalp, face, and ears, avoiding the eyes and mouth.
  2. Do not wash or bathe for 24 hours. If hands or any parts must be wash during this period, the treatment must be re-applied to those areas immediately. The itching and rash may not subside immediately. It can take several days for all signs of the infestation to clear. An anti-irritant cream can be applied if necessary.