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Nasaval Cold And Flu Blocker Powder Nasal Spray 800 Mg, 200 Doses


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NASAVAL Cold And Flu Blocker Powder Nasal Spray 800 Mg, 200 Doses

Cold And Flu Is A Natural Nasal Powder Spray Containing A Blend Of Micronized Cellulose, Peppermint And Wild Garlic That Delivers Fast Protection From Airborne Germs And Viruses That Are Inhaled Via The Nose. By Trapping, Absorbing And Neutralising
Air Borne Germs And Viruses, Nasaval Cold & Flu Stops The Causes Of Infection Rather Than Just
Treating The Symptoms. Simply Squeeze From The Easy To Use Dispense Bottle Into Each Nostril Will Rapidly Distribute Fine Powder Throughout The Upper Nasal Passages And Sinuses And Remain Effective For Several Hours.

Nasaval Cold & Flu Are Based On 3 Simple Ingredient:

1. Hydoxypropyl Methylcellulose (Hmpc).Hpmc Is Comonly Used As A Binder In The Pharmaceutical Industry, However, Mike James Discovered In 1998 That If Inhaled Into The Nose, The Powder Formed A Gel Largel Impervious To Many Different Airborne Irritants. Other Grade Of Powder Has Been Tested, But None Of Which Formed The Same Barrier Effect Nasaval Hpmc

2. Wild Garlic. The Garlic Extract Contains Copius Amounts Of Ajoene, A Component That Has Been Shown To Possess Excellent Antiviral Capabilities (Weber Et Al Planta Med 58 1992 417-423). Out Performing All Other Garlic Thiosulphinates In Terms Or Anti-Viral Activity. As Wild Garlic Has A Controlled Odour, There Is Little Smell To It.

3. Peppermint Contans Most Menthol, A Phytochemical That Has Antibacterial And Antiviral Effects, A Commonly Used Indregient In Cough Drops, Nasal Sprays, And Mentholatum Chest Rubs To Suppress Cough And Decongesting.

Nasaval Cold & Flu Helps The Body To Create A Barrier Against Germs, Makes You Less Likely To ‘Catch A Cold’. Airborne Germs Are The Most Common Way To Catch Cold And Viruses, Particularly In Crowded Places Such As Buses, Trains, Planes Or The Underground. Using Nasaval Cold & Flu Before Exposure To A Crowded Area Will Make It Much More Difficult To Pick Up Colds And Germs, Hence Acting Like An Invisible Mask.

Backed By Scientific Studies, Side Effects Are Virtually Unknown When Using Nasaval Cold & Flu It Is Steroid And Medicine Free.

**Where applicable, items have a minimum of nine-month shelf life before expiry unless otherwise stated on product description

Place of Origin

United Kingdom


To Be Applied 2 To 3 Times Per Day To Maintain An Effective Barrier Or If Symtops Have Already Started, Use Nasaval Cold & Flu Blocker 3 Times Per Day Until Symtoms Disappear. If Used Concurrently With Other Nasal Spray, Nasaval Cold & Flu Blocker Should Be Re-Applied Afterwards To Ensure That The Barrier Created Is Not Dissturbed.


Hpmc 93%, Peppermint Powder 2%, European Wild Garlic Powder 5%


Do Not Use This Product If You Are Sensitive To Cellulose