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Free TENA Wet Wipe with purchase of $80 worth of TENA! (*Remember to add the TENA wipe to cart)
Free TENA Wet Wipe with purchase of $80 worth of TENA ! (*Remember to add the TENA wipe to cart)

OMRON Ear Thermometer TH-839S

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How to use
Note: In order to make a correct judgement of suspected fever conditions, it is important to know one's normal temperature. Normal temperature varies with individual and also changes depending on the time through a day. To find out one's normal temperature, we recommend performing regular measurements under the following conditions: i. Measure with the same thermometer; ii. Measure at the same area; iii. measure at the same time of the day

About Product
1 Year local warranty *Ear Temperature Measurement for young children * 1 second quick measurement * Fever alarm and beeper * Ergonomic design for easy handling

1 second quick measurement* Fever alarm and beeper* Ergonomic design for easy handling* 9 memory* Can measure in Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Return Policy
No Return/Exchange Policy, to contact OMRON CS centre for susupected issue of product quality and defects.

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