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Sanyrene 50ml

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Sanyrene is an oil composed of Corpitolinol 60: hyperoxygenated glycerides of essential fatty acids (linoleic acid 60%, tocopherol (Vitamin E)): 99% and Anise perfume 1%. Sanyrene helps restore the protective hydrolipid film of the skin and accelerates the renewal of epidermal cells. It strengthens, soothes and protects the area of the skin which are at risk.

Directions for use:
Apply 1 spray to the area of skin which is at risk. Massage gently in a circular motion using fingertips for 1 minute.
Suitable for:
- the prevention of pressure sores
- the treatment and prevention of blanching erytherma (reversible redness) of the skin, caused by pressure, friction and shear
- the treatment and prevention of dry and dehydrated skin, skin fragility due to maceration conditions, skin with low cutaneous resistance and trophic impairment of skin (ie. dry and scaly dermatosis, surrounding wound skin of vascular ulcers)