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Smith+Nephew Elastic Cohesive Bandage (5 Sizes)


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Smith & Nephew Elastic Cohesive Bandage is self-adhesive, and does not stick to the skin or hair. There is no need for pins/tapes to secure this bandage. Slip-resistant and permeable to air, it is comfortable to wear and kind to the skin. Molds extremely well to body contours. It can be used as a fixative bandage on children.

What can I use Cohesive Bandage for?

Cohesive bandage has a large variety of uses. With it’s flexibility and also the ability to only stick to itself, it has become a firm favourite in sport’s industry.Cohesive bandage can be applied to offer a range of support levels for injured joints depending on the amount of tension in the bandage, and number of layers that you apply. For example, if you were using cohesive bandage to wrap an ankle sprain, you would avoid applying too much stretch as this may create over constriction if the joint swells. However, you can achieve a high level of support without over-constriction by simply applying more layers. As you wrap over more layers, the cohesive bandage quickly becomes firms, especially if you press the layers together


Benefits of using Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive bandage does not give – unlike with some strapping tapes, where you often have to apply them more tightly than you want them to be to compensate for stretch. Cohesive bandage, does not have this level of give, and stays put until it is removed.
You can tear it by hand – Cohesive bandage can be torn both length and width ways. No more hunting for your scissors
Use and reuse – Because cohesive bandage is not sticky, it cannot ‘loose stickiness’. So if you make a mistake during application you can just unpeel it and start again. This means that if you want, you can repeatedly reuse the same piece of cohesive bandage. (Although if you’ve used it getting sweaty in the gym, you might not want to.)

Recommended for light support, coverage / protection of wound dressings, and as retention bandage.