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Spend $80 to enjoy FREE delivery to your doorstep
Spend $80 to enjoy FREE delivery to your doorstep

Tegaderm Silicone Foam Bordered Dressing (Piece)

by 3M

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3MTegadermSilicone Foam Dressings provide an optimal balance of strong and gentle, making them an excellent choice for your wound management and pressure ulcer/injury prevention programs.

Significantly longer wear time plus gentle adhesion
3MTegadermSilicone Foam Dressings offer significantly longer wear time than the leading competitive silicone foam dressing1 while being gentle to the skin. Which may help save time and money on unscheduled dressing changes.

Thin, low-profile edge
3MTegadermSilicone Foam Dressings are highly conformable with a 40% thinner border than the leading competitive silicone foam dressing2, helping to minimize the rolling and lifting that can impact adhesion and wear time.

Unique multi-layer design
Our innovative layer technology is designed to absorb and evaporate moisture away from the skin’s surface, helping to minimize the backward fluid migration that can cause maceration.

Easy application
3MTegadermSilicone Foam Dressings feature a patented spoke delivery system that enables easy application in challenging locations like the sacrum, for a more positive clinician experience.


4 Sizes Available

5cm x 5cm

7.5cm x 7.5cm 

10cm x 10cm

15cm x 15cm