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ThickenUp® Gel Express 450ml

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ThickenUp® Gel Express is a liquid thickener that saves time and effort when preparing thickened beverages and is an easy, fast and effective solution to support the hydration needs of people with dysphagia.

ThickenUp® Gel Express benefits:

  • Dosing system allows for quick and accurate dispensing.
  • Helps to improve the safety of swallow by increasing viscosity, in line with IDDSI^ guidelines (Levels 1-4).
  • Contains a unique blend of xanthan and acacia gums which results in a gel that remains unaltered in the bottle over time.
  • Offers smooth, lump-free and amylase-resistant beverages.

^International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative. 


  • Convenient preparation, as the gel mixes into the beverages easily, simplifying dissolution1.​
  • Simple to use and prepare in different settings thanks to the dispenser, making it cleaner (less messy) than powder-based thickeners.​
  • Consistent dosing in all types of beverages for all required levels (IDDSI levels 1-4).​
  • More gel can be added to thickened beverages to achieve a thicker texture if needed1.​



  • Faster at reaching target viscosity than powder-based thickeners 1.
  • Quick and accurate dosing system eliminates the need to measure manually.​
  • Rapidly achieves desired thickness in previously challenging beverages such as cold milk, orange juice, hot coffee and/or oral nutritional supplements 1.



  • Improves swallowing safety and efficiency by increasing viscosity 2.​
  • Provides a smooth, lump-free texture1.​
  • Compliant with IDDSI guidelines (Levels 1-4).​
  • Amylase-resistant preventing saliva enzymes from degrading the gel1.​


Water, emulsifier (414), thickener (xanthan gum), sodium citrate, acidity regulator (338), preservatives (211, 202).

May contain milk, mustard, egg, celery.