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U Whang Sulphur Cream - Arthritis & Joint Protection

by U Whang
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U Whang (SULFUR) Cream is a patented liquid sulfur which is known to penetrate into the skin very quick, and aids in enhancing skin defense against harmful environments. It helps maintain healthy skin. The ideal blend of sulfur repairs cartilage and protects the joints. It helps soothe tight muscles.

U Whang (SULFUR) Cream was created by Professor Han of Seoul National University for over 50 years of research & development on sulphur. It shows excellent results on cartilage and joints repairs. it is fantastic on skin issues such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) and various severe skin diseases.

Recommended for:

  • Active lifestyles individuals who exercises regularly and aggressively.
  • Those who’s jobs require them standing for long periods that is strenuous to the joints.
  • Those having difficulties going up and down the stairs.
  • Those who feel stiffness in their joints.
  • Older people with low calcium absorption.
  • Women especially after childbirth, who tend to have weak bones.
  • Adults and Children with chronic dry skin diseases, atopic dermatitis (ECZEMA), and other severe skin conditions.
  • Bronchitis.

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